The Universe doesn't want to hear about your fears, it wants to listen to your dreams.

It is difficult to dream when you are in fear, or living with worries, dealing with unresolved trauma or grief, or any other matter that causes you stress and restricts happiness.

Dreams are not just fanciful thoughts or ambitions - dreams can be as simple as living your life how you choose it to be, and being the person you really are, without fear of labels and judgement - from others, or yourself.

Happiness is not possible 100% of the time, that is just life. Living with the thought that it is possible is not only unrealistic, it will only lead to more sadness and a sense of failure, and have the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve!

The dream isn't about being happy 100% of the time, but to live a predominantly happy life, and acknowledging that anything that isn't somewhere in the 'happy scale' to be normal - and temporary.

The dream can only be achieved by clearing up and dealing with the things that are preventing a predominantly happy life from being available to you at this time.

It doesn't just 'happen' - it takes courage and vulnerability to acknowledge you can ask for help - from someone who can actually help you. It takes work, and it takes some time.

However, by using your courage and allowing some vulnerability, seeking someone who can actually help you, putting in the effort to continue with the work and allowing some time, the dream is possible.

It isn't about conquering fear, sadness, trauma etc. It is about releasing it from your body, mind and spirit so that is is no longer a permanent part of you.

Breathwork Therapy can help you find it, acknowledge it, realise if it is no longer serving you, and then allow you to release it from your body, mind and spirit.

I have learned this from personal experience, and I have seen it happen in clients and trainings. Once those happiness-restraining burdens are released you become lighter and have a sense of contentment wash over you. By creating more moments of contentment you build happiness. When you have more happiness, and know that it is achievable, you build more resilience to the times that are not so happy.

To paraphrase Eckhart Tolle, use the 'Power of Now' - because Now is always the time to start telling the Universe about your dreams. Tell the Universe that you no longer choose your ongoing happiness to be restrained by your past. Tell the Universe that you now choose the dream of living a life of predominant happiness, and to build resilience to life's challenges.

Harness your Personal Evolution!

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