The Power Within - Breathwork Training

Training program for life-changing Personal Evolution and/or to become a Breathwork Therapy Practitioner

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Harness Your Personal Evolution

Get from where you are to who you want to be

The Power Within - Breathwork Training is a comprehensive and intensive training program designed for those wishing to become a Breathwork Therapy Practitioner, and for life-changing personal evolution to becoming a more authentic, resilient, emotionally balanced and stronger individual.


In this safe, supportive and practical program we work together on discovering your own Power Within to find your own awareness, clarity and resolution to your life experience, with shared laughter, love and tears!


Using Breathwork Therapy as the basis for inner healing, this highly immersive training works on our own Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual self, with the option to become a Breathwork Therapy practitioner and assist others with their healing journeys.

The training is done at a pace that reduces the risk of overwhelm and information overload, allowing time for integration of new information and realisations between each module.


Whether your intention is to become a qualified Breathwork Therapy Practitioner, or to further your own personal evolution, The Power Within Breathwork Training is designed to achieve both outcomes!


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