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Let your Breath give you new life!

How does Breathwork Therapy help?

Our whole life experience is stored in our body at both a conscious and unconscious level. 

Using a connected and conscious breathing technique, the process oxygenates the body to a level that provides the opportunity for deep relaxation - body, mind and heart. Once the conscious body is in this state, it allows access to our subconscious  thoughts, and experiences.  It raises personal awareness and enhances your sense of Self. This new awareness leads to releasing whatever is no longer true or serving you, and to find your own conclusions and realisations for change and moving forward.

Breathwork Therapy is not hypnosis.  The simple, safe and respectful breathing technique is something that can easily be learned.  It can take the healing process from the mind energy to heart energy.  That is where the true healing takes place.


When supported by a professional practitioner to ensure you maintain the process and to remain in a conscious state, it can bring relief, clarity, understanding and new direction in your life.

'Self realisations will always be more meaningful, powerful and authentic than those given to you from another.'

When can I use Breathwork Therapy?

Almost everyone can benefit from Breathwork. The process is most successful when clients are ready to take steps for change in themselves and/or their life circumstances, and to accept personal responsibility for their life experiences and situations.


Whilst it is not usually an 'everyday' breathwork practice, Breathwork Therapy is a  technique and tool that can be used anytime when you have a strong need and desire to change aspects of your life that you are not happy about, and wanting relief/change.

How can it help?

Breathwork Therapy is beneficial for people needing relief, clarity or direction with a wide range of typical human emotions and life experiences, such as: 

  • Emotional stress or trauma

  • Family / Relationship drama

  • Anxiety / Depression

  • Childhood trauma / PTSD

  • Sadness / Grief

  • Addictions & Co-dependency

  • Seeking a sense of Self

  • Become responsible for their own wellbeing

  • Seeking direction in life

  • Freeing themselves of habitual and restricting patterns

  • Integrating feelings and improving emotional balance

  • Eliminating or changing negative beliefs systems

  • Seeking Spiritual development

  • Problem resolutions

  • ...........or whatever is troubling you

Other breathing techniques can be used in between Breathwork Therapy sessions for more regular relief and coping mechanisms. Ask your practitioner about options.

'Soul Focus' talk
with Brooke Hadland, Intuitive Focus
I recently had a great time chatting with Brooke Hadland from Intuitive Focus, about Breathwork Therapy and The Power Within - Breathwork Training. 
Check out the You tube recording below! 

About Breathwork Therapy

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