Stop stopping Yourself!

Who can do this Training?


  • Anyone with a strong desire for life-changing personal evolution

  • Anyone seeking to become a Breathwork Therapy practitioner

  • Individuals with facilitation experience with other Breathwork techniques

  • Mental health professionals seeking additional treatment options to offer/refer

  • GPs seeking additional treatment options to offer/refer

  • Life Coaches, personal trainers, mentors

  • Anyone already in a complementary/alternative health field, and seeking further learning

Why do this Training?

This course is more than just learning about the breathing process

and the basics of running a session. 


Having completed the training myself, as well as assisting on 4 other trainings with Breathwork Training Australia, I have experienced and seen how this comprehensive Breathwork Therapy training can, and has, changed and evolved so many people in so many ways, including:

  • 100% personal responsibility and self-acceptance

  • New understanding and application of invaluable Life skills

  • Emotional healing of long-held negative thoughts and patterns

  • Moving away from a life of fear, shame and trauma

  • Reduction and control of depression and anxiety

  • Greater understanding and strengthening of relationships

  • Increase in life resilience

  • Find and control their personal power

  • Reduced co-dependence

  • Moving towards forgiveness

  • Greater Spiritual connection


...and so much more.

It is a total package of preparing you to be able to handle almost any situation and life experience that may be presented to you from your past and in the future, or that a client may present to you as a practitioner.

The Course includes up to 16 Breathwork sessions for yourself, plus working with another person, all with the guidance and support of the facilitator and trained assistants.  This ensures you learn and develop your skills and experience safely over time and allow time for integration of your learning.  You can't do that in a single week, weekend or 'Intensive Immersion'!

This training was previously the practical component for an Australian accredited training for a Certificate IV in Health - Breathwork, with a Diploma also available, as taught through Breathwork Training Australia, in conjunction with an RTO.  Currently, these formal qualifications are not viable due to increasing Government costs to maintain the accreditation.  However, nothing has be removed from the original Certificate IV course, plus some additions/updates to maintain the integrity and currency of the course.

The Power Within Breathwork Training is one of very few Breathwork training courses  in the world that are as comprehensive, in-depth, and effective in creating positive change in people - at a personal level and in preparation on becoming a practitioner. 


What is included in the course?

  • Maximum 8 students for more personalised and inclusive training

  • Over 210 hours of in-person group training  (over approx. 9 months period)

  • 3 out-of-classroom activities

  • Numerous embodiment processes and practical experiences

  • Up to 16 Breathwork sessions, including 'mid-month' additional practice/experience

  • Nine comprehensive Training Manuals, plus additional Handouts and resources

  • All light refreshments throughout

  • 1 lunch each training weekend, (1 lunch each weekend is a communal contribution to share) 

  • All Venue costs

  • Ongoing community connection via Australian Academy of Breathwork (all students)

  • Access to any Australian Academy of Breathwork Conferences and workshops (once training completed)

  • Ability to become a professional Breathwork Therapy practitioner (additional work required at no additional cost)

  • Ongoing Mentorship for new Practitioners

  • Experienced and Qualified Breathwork Trainer, plus trained Assistants

The cost of the training can vary from course to course and depends on location and travel costs for the trainer.  Information nights will be held in the lead up to the commencement of each new training where full details will be available. 


Payment Plans are available. Please ask about options.

Training Fee does not include: participant transportation costs to/from training venue/s, any participant accommodation costs (if  required), costs of personal choice or nature.

How long is the course?

The training is divided into nine modules, generally every 4 weeks, spread over approx. nine months.   Each module is held over a Friday evening, all day Saturday & Sunday.  


This is a safe pace that reduces the risk of information overload and overwhelm, allowing time for better understanding of new information, integration of realisations and information, and time for healing between each module.

A brief outline of the weekend topics is below and a copy of the current training brochure is here.

When is the next Course starting?

The next Power Within - Breathwork Training course

is planned to start in May 2022!

Expected Training Weekends are

May 27, 28, 29

June 24, 25, 26

July 22, 23, 24

August 19, 20, 21

September 19, 20, 21

October 14, 15, 16

November 11, 12, 13

December 9, 10, 11

January 6, 7, 8 2023



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The Power Within Breathwork Training

Stop Stopping Yourself!

Follow your heart and your soul, and invest in your new future with

The Power Within Breathwork Training.

The Power Within - Breathwork Training 
Dates & FAQs

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Module 1

First Steps 

  • Logistics of the Training

  • Personal responsibility

  • Barriers to change

  • The breathing process

  • How a Breathwork session is run

Module 4


  • Effects of Education on the child and adult 

  • Learning styles

  • Creativity

  • Bullying

  • ‘Don’t Fit In’ syndrome

Module 7

Sex & Relationships

  • Purpose of relationships

  • Patterns of attraction,   projection & manifestation

  • Sexuality

  • Working and healing on sexual abuse

  • Warm water Breathwork

Module 2

Birth & Conception 

  • Understanding trauma around conception and birth

  • Birth and its effects on the child & adult psyche

  • Why the Breathwork Therapy technique

Module 5


  • What is fear

  • How fear is demonstrated in the body

  • How it can control our life

  • Reality & fear

  • Outdoor activity

Module 8

Death & Spirituality 

  • Understanding the grief process

  • Working with unresolved grief

  • What defines Spirituality

  • Cold water Breathwork

Module 3

Parental Disapproval Syndrome

  • Effects of parents on childhood

  • Emotions of personal affect

  • Patterns  of relationship

  • Introduction to co-dependence

Module 6


  • Parental attitudes and influence about money

  • Our relationship with money

  • Prosperity consciousness

  • Emotions & money

Module 9


  • Life purpose

  • Review of training

  • Starting a Breathwork practice

  • Professionalism, ethics and confidentiality

  • Graduation!