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Your Common Questions Answered

Whatever part of your life experience is causing emotional pain, Breathwork Therapy can raise your level of self awareness, leading to self realisations to make the required changes in your life to move forward :

  • Changes in your thinking and mental state

  • Identifying your purpose

  • Changes in your emotional intelligence, strength and resilience

  • Finding your place in the world

  • Changes in lifting your spirit, and

  • Changes in your physical wellbeing.

What's involved in a typical session?

One-on-one Breathwork Therapy Sessions are usually approx. 2 hours in duration, with the initial session being 3 hours. The initial session includes additional time to get to know more about you and your history, as well as teaching you the breathing technique.

Each session will be a different experience for you, however, a typical session will usually follow a consistent flow:


  • “What brings you here today?” - A time for sharing/discussion with David.

  • The Breathing process – this is usually approx. 60 mins

  • Debrief – this allows you to reflect on your session experience, ask questions and to understand how that relates to your present.


How does it work?

Breathwork Therapy is an organic, self generated process so every session will be different. You may have a physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual experience during your session (usually a combination of a few of these).

The process can bring about changes in a number of areas including:

  • The physical body – aches, pains, contraction, illness can be released and/or awareness bought to their existence 

  • The emotional body – deep feelings, which drain the body of energy when suppressed/repressed, can come to the surface to be cleared and their cause resolved, bringing a feeling of ‘emotional lightness’

  • The mental body – beliefs, decisions and conditioning (conscious and unconscious) can be reprogrammed to get rid of past falsehoods, allowing you to live more fully in the present

  • The spiritual body – deep connection/reconnection can be made with the Self, soul and universal energy.

By the end of each Session, you may have experienced anything from just a great relaxation, to finding a life-changing solution! You just never know where each session will take you!

Does it always work?

Each session is individual and unique.  Some sessions can be quite subtle and reflective, while others can be clearing and releasing.


At times it may feel like nothing is happening, yet, the breath process is always working at some level.  Some sessions are very clear in their outcome while in others the client may feel and experience the results over a period of time.

How will Breathwork change my life?

Breathwork allows for clients to change their outlook on life, values, choices, decisions as well as behaviours. 


When clients feel safe enough and ready enough to face their past, present and future, the changes can be transformational.

How many sessions should I do?

As it has taken a lifetime to get to this point, it can’t all be looked

at in a single 2-3 hour session! 


It is recommended that new clients have a sequence of sessions to begin with, usually 5-10 sessions, 2-4 weeks apart. This helps the client to learn how to use the breath effectively.


The key reason for successive sessions is to have the continuity to work through complex issues. e.g. the effects of very traumatic events like abuse, trauma or physical/emotional pain. 


Each Breathwork session is a step in the unfolding of the body memory and each person will find their own pace at which to work. 

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Breathwork Therapy FAQs