Your Practitioner - David Reed

Hello!  I'm David, and welcome to

Mind Peace Breathwork Therapy!

have been involved with Breathwork since 2011, when I completed the Breathwork  Practitioner Training with Bronwyn Barter (Breathwork Training Australia).

It has become a passion and a privilege to be working with others with their deep and inner work - assisting them with their personal healing and evolution so they can reach their full potential as an individual - moving from a life with ongoing fear, trauma and drama, and moving into one of personal strength, resilience, inner-peace and harmony.

What do I offer?


Technically, I offer the following :

  • Personal Breathwork sessions

  • Group Breathwork sessions

  • Personal Evolution training and workshops

  • Breathwork Practitioner training

  • Breathwork & Personal Evolution for Businesses & Organisations

However, what is just as important what I can offer personally. 


Being a Breathwork Therapy practitioner requires a number of important qualities :









All of these attributes come all inclusive in the one package!

My Journey to Breathwork


I came to Breathwork via osmosis! 


Having observed the amazing positive changes my partner, Michael, experienced through his private Breathwork sessions and his own Breathwork Practitioner Training, I knew that I would need to do some catching up! So, I enrolled to do the training myself, with no intention of actually becoming a practitioner. I wanted to learn what he had learned so that we were both on the same page with so many aspects about us - as individuals, as well as our relationship. 


Little did I know at the beginning of the training that it would lead me here!

What I learned


During my training, I celebrated my Golden Jubilee (that's 50 years old for those who may not know!) At that time of my life, I thought I was reasonably well sorted out - Mentally (I knew stuff and could think pretty logically!), Physically (I was not unwell, but maybe being over 120kg wasn't ideal!), Emotionally (I knew how to hold it together, because crying is not what men do!), and Spiritually (I didn't really need that stuff!).  

Through my Breathwork Therapy sessions and the training, I soon learned that I still had some room for development in all these areas!  Through all the learnings, processes and experiences, I got to understand how and why all of those aspects are so important and how they impact us from birth to death, for each of us. 


Breathwork Therapy works on all these levels, allowing me to observe my past - my thoughts, behaviours, beliefs and patterns - to understand them, and most importantly, how to let go of what no longer was true, served me currently, or was not in integrity with authentic myself.


I also learned that I am still a 'work in progress', as we all are!


My Qualifications



I have been involved with training in various organisations and businesses for almost 30 years.  I was a trainer within Apex Clubs of Australia for 8 years, preparing volunteers to take on leadership roles at Club and State levels.   Since 2015, my work at Bunnik Tours has included the preparation and presentation of various skills and product knowledge training topics for consultants in Australia and Sri Lanka.


I have now developed my skills and education further to use those training skills with my Breathwork skills!

In the last 10 years, I have been an assistant in several Breathwork trainings run by Bronwyn Barter, a leading Breathwork trainer in Australia for over 30 years with Breathwork Training Australia - helping to train dozens of people through their own 9 month course to become Breathwork practitioners, or for their own personal evolution.

Since completing my initial Breathwork practitioner training, I completed my Certificate IV in Health—Breathwork, and subsequently, qualified as a Breathwork Practitioner Trainer (equiv. Diploma in Health - Breathwork) to become a Breathwork trainer myself.

I continue my education and knowledge through ongoing experience with clients and study - I am now reading more books than I ever did in school! 


Australian Academy of Breathwork

I am currently President of the Australian Academy of Breathwork,   All members of the Academy are trained to the same high level of skill, professionalism and ethics.  Our key mission as an organisation is to support and maintain the high standard of ethics, professionalism and training for our Breathwork members and trainers.


The Academy also provides ongoing mentorship and education through Conferences and Workshops, learning from Breathwork researchers and practitioners from Australia, the UK and the USA, who bring their valuable knowledge, research and experience so that it can be integrated and used with clients.


I look forward to assisting you on your own journey

to healing and Mind Peace!





Open Communication

A good listener




A safe space




On-going learning

My mission is to understand each client’s unique story and in doing so, help them challenge and transform limiting beliefs about who they are and how the world is.  I do this by providing professional and leading edge Breathwork Therapy, Training,  and other forms of support.



President of Australian Academy of Breathwork

Cert. IV in Health - Breathwork

Qualified Breathwork Practitioner Trainer (equiv. Diploma in Health - Breathwork)

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