LGBTQI+? Questioning?

Need a safe space to talk?

Approximately 50% of all my current clients are LGBTQI+, and working with the my community is a passion and a privilege for me.

I am proud to be supporting members of my community through their own process of acknowledgment, self-acceptance and building resilience. 


Through my own experiences, training, and working with clients, I have the empathy and understanding required to work with the LGBTQI+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, etc) community on what can be quite intimate and delicate matters, with total confidentiality.

What are you struggling with?


I recognise that the LGBTQI+ community have their own set of unique life situations that most heterosexual people do not experience, or at least, not in the same way.

You may be trying to deal with:

  • Sexual / Gender identity

  • Feelings of guilt and shame

  • ‘Not being worthy’

  • Discrimination

  • Abuse – physical, sexual, emotional

  • Difficult relationships - partner/family/work

  • Difficulty seeking relationships

  • Addictions – including pornography & sex

  • Coming Out / fallout of Coming Out

  • Sexual / sexuality issues

  • Married and LGBTQI+

  • Married to LGBTQI+ partner

  • Being a parent of a LGBTQI+ child

  • Being a child of a LGBTQI+ parent

  • Body/image issues

  • Family separation and dis-ownership

How can Breathwork help?

Path to Acknowledgment and Acceptance


Acceptance and belonging are core human needs - no matter who or what we are.

Breathwork starts with our Self. We may logically acknowledge who we are in our minds, however, we often find resistance in the heart, usually in the form of fear.  As Breathwork is an active inward journey, access to our true thoughts and feelings are more easily reached, seen and acknowledged. Once we can acknowledge these, then we can make the changes required towards full acceptance of our Self, then look beyond.

Self Discovery & Building Resilience

Through Breathwork, I learned about what thoughts and patterns held me back. Once I fully understood these, I learned how to build stronger relationships - and which ones to step back or move away from.

Learning about our self is not only about our gender/sexual identity.  It is also about us as a person, with many of the same struggles as non-LGBTQI+ people  -  relationship problems, issues around self-worth, loneliness, anxiety, depression/sadness/grief, money, sexual problems, etc.   They can all happen to anyone, and most of the solutions are the same  -  however, I do understand how there are also can be differences with them.  Having an understanding from a LQBTQI+ background allows me to empathise fully to help you through your journey.

The more we learn and understand about ourselves and others, the more resilient we become to be able to move through and beyond any struggle, hurt and difficult situation.  


It is always the right day to become stronger.