'When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.'

Whilst the origin of this saying is disputed,

the intent and reality of it certainly isn't!

At some time in our lives, this has been so true.  It may have been a special teacher in school; a certain parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, relative; a colleague/boss; or sometimes a complete stranger; however, there is a time where whatever the lesson we learned from them has been the perfect timing, and the experience and memory lasts with us forever.

Today may be one of those times. You may never have met me before, but for some reason, this website, this page, has been presented to you as an opportunity to see if this is something you need to do for yourself right now - or sometime in the near future.

Breathwork is maybe something that you may have been thinking about for a while - and maybe even tried one or more different styles of Breathwork already - and now you are wanting to take the next step in your personal evolution.

Alternatively, you may be looking for a new career in an alternative holistic modality.

I have now been trained to be able to present The Power Within - Breathwork Training  - a course that is designed for either personal evolution, and/or to become a Breathwork Therapy practitioner.  If you are looking to become a practitioner, the personal evolution will happen in any case!

I offer the options for a full training course, or shorter one-off workshops that are suitable for small groups of individuals, or even for your business.  Click below for more information.