Harness your personal evolution - get from where you are,

to who you want to be.

A journey of Self-discovery, clarity, & personal awareness to become more authentic, balanced and resilient.

Reach a new level of personal presence, knowing, resilience and healing with Breathwork Therapy! 

Learning how to stand more in your own power is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself!


Whether your intention is to become a qualified Breathwork Therapy Practitioner, and/or to further your own personal evolution, The Power Within Breathwork Training is designed to achieve both outcomes!

Your Personal Evolution

One of the most common observations of those who have completed this Course is the life-long benefit of increased resilience - the ability to bounce back faster from adversity.   The knowledge and skills learned can also help to recognise potential situations that may lead to emotional and mental upset sooner, and to take action to minimise the effects and get back on track faster.

The Power Within Breathwork Training is a comprehensive and intensive training program designed for your personal evolution to becoming a more authentic, resilient, emotionally balanced and stronger individual.

In this safe, supportive and practical program we work on discovering your own Power Within and bring awareness and clarity around your own life experiences. Each participant gains maximum value because of their own unique experiences gained during the course. 

Using Breathwork Therapy as the basis for inner healing, this highly immersive training works on our own Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual self, allowing the participant to learn about and process any issues in life that they may not have dealt with fully so far.  

The course was originally designed for people interested in becoming a professional Breathwork practitioner. It still is! However, the comprehensive curriculum has attracted a majority of participants doing it purely for did the training for personal evolution reasons!

Become a professional Breathwork Therapy Practitioner


Facilitating others to breathe in various styles is a wonderful thing to share, and can provide relaxation and coping tools for day-to-day use.  So many breathing exercises can arouse awareness of past issues, but what would you do with that awareness?  Awareness is not, in itself, healing.


However, what if you were able to go much further than that? Imagine having the knowledge, skills and deeper understanding to actually work with that person beyond awareness and coping, to guiding them through to actual realisations, changes, and more permanent solutions.

It is the intention of this training to fully equip the participant with the skills required to become a capable and qualified Breathwork Therapy practitioner to be able to work with others with their healing journeys.  

This training is not just how to become a practitioner - it is about learning about becoming our better Self first, with additional information on how to apply it to becoming a practitioner.  

Whilst the necessity to do this may appear obvious, too often a practitioner/client relationship can be clouded with the projections of a practitioner’s unresolved personal history. The training is   designed so that you will gain clarity on many levels, with the ability to respond, instead of react, in any given situation.  These learnings will have a major benefit in all areas of your life so that you can help others more effectively.

In addition to this 9 month training, additional work is required to ensure the standard and skills are at the required level for the budding practitioner.  A Case Study and essay will be required, and ongoing mentorship with the course trainer is available so that you can be confident in taking on paying clients. There is no additional cost to the participant for these final steps.

The Training

Due to the highly immersive and experiential nature of the training, and the nature of Breathwork Therapy itself,  The Power Within Breathwork Training is not an online training! 

It involves over 200 hours of face-to-face facilitation, education and practical processes that cannot be done using a camera and the internet! It is not possible to get the full impact and benefit without all of the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional energies in the same place.

Each weekend covers different key life topics and experiences. A brief outline of each weekend is below with an indication of some of the subjects covered, plus there is a lot more!  You can print a copy of the DL tri-fold training brochure here.

A Breathwork session is involved with each Module, plus opportunities between each training weekend for an additional Breathwork session with your fellow participants for further experience and skill development.

Dates for the information nights and all proposed training commencement dates will posted on this website, and my Facebook pages. 


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Mind Peace Breathwork

The Power Within Breathwork Training

Follow your heart and your soul, and invest in your new future with

The Power Within Breathwork Training.

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Module 1

First Steps 

  • Logistics of the Training

  • Personal responsibility

  • Barriers to change

  • The breathing process

  • How a Breathwork session is run

Module 4


  • Effects of Education on the child and adult 

  • Learning styles

  • Creativity

  • Bullying

  • ‘Don’t Fit In’ syndrome

Module 7

Sex & Relationships

  • Purpose of relationships

  • Patterns of attraction,   projection & manifestation

  • Sexuality

  • Working and healing on sexual abuse

  • Warm water Breathwork

Module 2

Birth & Conception 

  • Understanding trauma around conception and birth

  • Birth and its effects on the child & adult psyche

  • Why the Breathwork Therapy technique

Module 5


  • What is fear

  • How fear is demonstrated in the body

  • How it can control our life

  • Reality & fear

  • Outdoor activity

Module 8

Death & Spirituality 

  • Understanding the grief process

  • Working with unresolved grief

  • What defines Spirituality

  • Cold water Breathwork

Module 3

Parental Disapproval Syndrome

  • Effects of parents on childhood

  • Emotions of personal affect

  • Patterns  of relationship

  • Introduction to co-dependence

Module 6


  • Parental attitudes and influence about money

  • Our relationship with money

  • Prosperity consciousness

  • Guilt & money

Module 9


  • Life purpose

  • Review of training

  • Starting a Breathwork practice

  • Professionalism, ethics and confidentiality

  • Graduation!