Mind Peace vs. Peace of Mind?

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

When deciding on my business name, I weighed up many options. However, I wanted to have a name that described the OUTCOME of using Breathwork, not just a 'nice' name, or a 'new agey' name, or whatever else I could come with. I thought about the results I was getting for myself, as well as others I have seen and/or helped through my training, assisting with other Breathwork trainings, and of course, my Breathwork clients. One of the most consistent results was an overall sense of peace, calm, and acceptance of what the session created for them.

Was this Peace of Mind? I thought about this, and whenever I thought about 'peace of mind', I thought more about insurance than Breathwork! "Take out home insurance for your peace of mind"..."Life insurance for your family's peace of mind"... etc!

The reality was actually Peace WITHIN the Mind - being at Peace in the Mind at that moment - and beyond. Mind Peace!

Mind Peace comes through :

  • Acceptance

  • Realisations of truths - and untruths

  • Removal of negative thoughts

  • Finding calm in times of difficulty

  • Letting go of self-imposed restrictions

  • The process of forgiveness found

  • The realisation of being safe and no longer in trauma

  • The reduction in anxiety and depression

...and many more results of using the Breath to find relief.

Mind Peace is an inside job! True Mind Peace comes from within you, not from an external source. What better - and easier - way to look inside ourselves than through using the gentle power of the breath! The most natural form of healing available!

For some Mind Peace of your own, call me for an appointment and start your own process towards it!

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